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Long, sleek legs and an elegant outline define the KK Console Table. The multifunctional table is divided into two rooms: one is open and the other one is closed with a lid - the perfect hiding place for your small secrets. The KK Console Table may be the handy place for keys and phone in the hallway, a neat place for jewellery and beauty favourites in the bedroom, or the ideal home bar or base for a flower vase in the living room.

Design: Charlotte Høncke
Danish design
Made in Europe 



The Bouclé cushions from by KlipKlap carries the name of the material which they are made of. The bouclé fabric is made of multiple yarns, making it durable and at the same time gives an exclusive look. It is also known from the fashion industry where Coco Chanel introduced the famous bouclé jacket in the year of 1954.

Bouclé has an elegant expression and the cushions adds texture and depth to your interior.

As a vibrant supplement to the Bouclé collection, we have added the printed cushion ‘Wild Leaves’.

Welding Cushions from by KlipKlap is another range of classic cushions with different expressions. The collection consists of Welding Organic Pattern, Welding Big Dot and Welding Little Dot.

The cushions have a three-dimensional surface in a wadded material embossed with a graphic pattern, giving them a sound absorbing effect.


The KK 3 Fold is the backbone of the entire Kids Collection. Originally developed as a playmat for stimulating children’s motor skills, it eventually turned out to accommodate many more functions. With three foldable layers, the KK 3 fold is the ideal piece of furniture for the entire family. Use it as a playmat, lounge sofa or as a pouf. The XL version of the mattress comes with 20cm extra length and both mattresses can be utilised as guest beds. Flexible and practical in its use.


KK 3 Fold Single is by KlipKlap’s take on the classic and well-known foldable mattress. The three layers effortlessly transform into a wide range of forms that encourage to hours of play and quality time for the whole family. The mattress can also be used as a single guest bed.
All furniture from by KlipKlap are designed in Denmark and produced in Europe.




The KK 3 Fold sofa is the first standalone piece in the Kids Collection. It is designed with a comfortable back support which makes it perfect for bedtime reading, movie watching or daytime power naps. It even comes with two pillows for maximum comfort.

Versatility does not even begin to describe the functions of this sofa. Use it as a large pouf, a practical sofa or an extension to the couch for a more loungy feeling.

The sofa folds out to a maximum length of 210 cm, making it perfect for sleepover guests.The KK 3 Fold Sofa is also suitable for developing children’s motor skills, like the rest of the foldables in the Kids Collection. Use it for practicing stairs and levels, crawling through tunnels and somersaults.

All furniture from by KlipKlap are designed in Denmark and produced in Europe.

Design: TB Design

With its 4 foldable layers, the KK 4 fold unlocks a wide variety of functions and creative applications. Stack it as a high or low pouf for the living room, a chair for the kids room, a small 2-seater sofa for the guest room or a tumbling mattress for playtime. Only your imagination sets the limit.   

All furniture from by KlipKlap are designed in Denmark and produced in Europe.



Due to its small size, the KK Bench can be placed nearly everywhere in the home for extra seating. Place it in the hallway or use it in the bedroom as combined nightstand and dressing seat. The ¾ seat cushion gives you a dedicated space to personalise - ideal for a table lamp, a small still life or a decorative plant.

Design: Charlotte Høncke



With a seemingly infinite range of expressions, our KK Daybed allows you to create a customised and contemporary look in each and every room of your home. Our KK Daybed will easily change its character and purpose, making it applicable exactly in the context you need it. Simply select your preferred frame and pair it with the series’ sumptuous seat and back cushions, which come in various high-quality textiles and vibrant colour choices. The rounded curves invite a more organic expression into the home and is the epitome of the design DNA in our Living Collection.The KK Daybed is a perfect addition to your living room, kitchen-dining area or hallway.

In 2016, KK Daybed was nominated to ‘Furniture of the Year’ by the Design Awards in Denmark.

Design: Charlotte Høncke




Merging a daybed and a bench into a single piece of furniture turned out to be the perfect match and KK Daybench saw the light of day. Conveying the best from both designs, the KK Daybench offers endless combinations; from a perfect-sized coffee table, an integrated bench and side table to a small two-seater sofa. Like the KK Daybed, the KK Daybench will easily change its character and purpose by shifting seat and back cushions, and even more so, as it is also possible to use a 3/4 seat cushion, offering an integrated side table for bags, books, vases or other small collectables.

Design: Charlotte Høncke


Our KK Kids Chair allows your children to sit ergonomically correct in a chair, tailored for their size - meaning that the chair gives the correct amount of support for back and legs. Besides functioning as a comfortable chair that can easily be moved around due to its light weight, it also works perfectly as walking support or as extra stairs to better reach the sofa or bed. The chairs even have a small pocket on the side for books or other treasures.

KK Kids Chair is recommended for kids in the age of 0-3 and the bigger version, KK Kids Chair XL, is recommended for 2-6 year old children.

All furniture from by KlipKlap are designed in Denmark and produced in Europe.

Our KK Kids Sofa is an extension of the popular KK Kids Chair. With a foldable bottom layer, it is suitable for even the smallest children. Folded, the KK Kids Sofa has the same height as the KK Kids Chair XL and can therefore easily fit into most children’s rooms. Unfolded, it gives more space for children of different ages, or for parents to sit and read a book with their child in comfortable settings. Bring the lightweight sofa into the living room and give your children a front row seat for the movies. 

Settle yourself in our KK Lounge Chair and feel its warm embrace as the wings surround you and the soft back cushion gently hugs your lower back. You will feel right at home and at peace with yourself. Just lean back, let your legs rest on the KK Pouf and allow yourself a moment of tranquility and self-indulgence.

The KK Lounge Chair is the quintessence of sophisticated simplicity. This modern reinterpretation of the 1950s winged lounge chair is designed to look stunning from all angles, making it worthy as a centrepiece in your home. Upholstered in exclusive textiles and a back of beautifully moulded plywood, the lounge chair conveys similar curves as the rest of the pieces in the Living Collection.

Just lean back in our KK Lounge Chair, let your legs rest gently on the KK Pouf and allow yourself a moment of tranquility and self-indulgence. The versatile pouf can also be used as a standalone piece of furniture in the hallway or bedroom, for a comfortable seat when putting on shoes and the like.

The KK Square mattress from by KlipKlap serves as a firm and warm surface for newborn and babies to lay on. Additionally, the KK Square is suitable for both play and relaxation in e.g. the kids room or as a part of a cozy nook in the living room.
KK Square is made of strong textiles and high-quality foam, and the mattress comes in 3 different colors.
All furniture from by KlipKlap are designed in Denmark and produced in Europe