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Multipurpose mattresses

A foldable mattress is perfect for relaxing, playing or reading. Because the mattress is a multipurpose piece of furniture you can use it as a playmat for you and your children, a sofa or even a spare bed. This makes it unnecessary to invest in multiple purchases to meet your different needs.

Due to its high quality materials you can use it on a daily basis. The core consists of 100% cold cure foam which ensures shape and stability and the hard-wearing fabric provides a smooth yet strong surface. All of our materials are OEKO-TEX® 100 certified.

endless possibilities
with ONE mattress

Our foldable mattresses are very diverse and cater to every need of the family. They are ideal for stimulating young children’s motor skills or playful activities as forward rolls, jumps and gymnastics.

The mattresses can be purchased in four categories: KK 3 Fold, KK 3 Fold Sofa, KK 3 Fold Single og KK 4 Fold. If you wonder how to choose the right one for you then use our guide “Which mattress should I choose?”