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Extend your foldable mattress

KK Backrest is a great addition to our collection of multipurpose furniture - in particular for your foldable mattress. Backrest is shaped like a triangle with two different angles so you can shift between different positions and relax sitting up or lying down. Use it to put your feet up or lean back to read a good book.

The materials are the same as used in our foldable mattresses, OEKO-TEX 100 certified and free of harmful chemicals. The core consists of a slightly softer version of cold foam to ensure a comfortable resting position and a great support for your back. 


You can use the backrest as a prop in many activities - just move it from room to room. Take it into the children’s room for playtime, crawling and climbing with the youngest or use it when the teenagers gather their friends for movie night.

Backrest is equipped with a non-slip bottom which makes it usable on most surfaces like hardwood floor or the soft mattress in the bedroom.