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Multipurpose furniture

All of our multipurpose furniture has been created from the philosophy that furniture lasts longer when it accommodates more purposes within the household. It has challenged the way we look at furniture from something static in the living room to a gathering place for all family members no matter their age.

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Compact collections

by KlipKlap furniture is made for all ages. The foldable mattresses and couches are suitable for all members of the family. For the little ones we have made a child friendly version of our sofas plus chairs to complete the look. It is mainly for children age 0 - 8. KK Kids Sofa can be extended at the base and KK Kids Chair has a small and large version.

All of our furniture has the same high quality and has been fitted with hard-wearing materials. You can use the different pieces of furniture separately or gather them all together in one room. Mix and match across colours and collections to find the right match for your home.