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So much more than a couch

Imagine a sofa that can change shape and purpose and be used as a play tunnel, ottoman or daybed and when you have guests coming over as a spare bed. A foldable sofa combines the best of both worlds - the functionality of a sofa and the flexibility of a foldable mattress. In other words a match made in heaven with endless possibilities.

To help you choose we have assembled an overview of KK 3 Fold Sofa and the XL Soft version which is a perfect fit for any family activity e.g. reading time, tumbling around or relaxation.

Want to spruce up the living room or perhaps the children’s room? Then have a look at our KK Kids Sofa.

Endless possibilities

Explore all ten positions with our foldable sofa or try to find more once you have your own. Two pillows makes it easy for you to find comfort whether you are lying down or sitting up. KK 3 Fold Sofa XL Soft has a top layer of memory foam which makes it extra comfortable as a couch and guest bed.

The children’s couch KK Kids Sofa has a firm back- and armrest similar to the KK Kids Chair which makes it soft and firm at the same time. You can unfold the base of the sofa and reduce the height of the seat to make a great space to hang out, play or lay down to watch a good movie.