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Six new modules have been added to the Build&Bounce collection from by KlipKlap. When put together, they form Mr. and Mrs. KlipKlap. Each element makes it possible for your child to personalize their creation while stimulating their imagination. The modules are like the rest of the Build&Bounce collection, made of elegant and soft textiles. They are aesthetically pleasing and are therefore not limited to use in the children’s room. The timeless design and the classic colour palette fit well with any interior style.  

The Mr. and Mrs. KlipKlap modules can be used either individually, as poufs or as add-ons for the multifunctional mattresses, for example as back or arm support. In this way you can enhance and even prolong the use of your foldables.

Mr. KlipKlap’s feet and Mrs. KlipKlap’s hair can be folded, which is a feature that gives the characters more personality and a cohesion with the multifunctional foldables.

Mr. and Mrs. KlipKlap are available in new and unique colours for each module, besides the Rainbow module which occur in both. With the 5 different colours of the Rainbow module, lies a further personalization of the character. You can choose to build the full Mr. or Mrs. KlipKlap, or only use parts of them together with your existing Build & Bounce modules to create your own KlipKlap friend.