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Sleep tight

Choose between beautiful and soft for the little ones, young children and yourself. Sleep is an important part of our development. Sleep rituals, resting and sleeping are an essential part of recharging. In the early stages of your baby’s life sleep is a luxury for both baby and yourself. That is why we have carefully chosen our fabrics free of chemistry for our baby accessories.

All textiles are OEKO-TEX 100 certified, good for both your family and your conscience. So go ahead and treat your family from our Sleepytime collection.  

Accessories for the whole family

Petite Collection consists of sheets for baby, junior and adults in two types of fabrics: musselin and shiny cotton. We have expanded our collection with quality bumpers for the crib, baby sleep pod, sleeping bag, swaddles and burp cloths for the youngest. The patterns are inspired by nostalgic summers, french wallpaper and laurels. The timeless print and colours can be mixed and matched and perhaps be passed on to younger generations.

Swaddles, burp cloths and sheets are a great addition for changing and play time on our foldable mattresses to make an even more comfortable underlay for your baby. At the same time you avoid getting stains on the mattress.