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5-year warranty

Created from a philosophy that furniture lasts longer when they support a multifunctional way of living, we design furniture and accessories that adapt - to time and to you!

At by KlipKlap, we offer a 5-year warranty, allowing you to enjoy your furniture for a longer period. Remember to register your product here.

Warranty Terms and Conditions

The warranty is applicable according to the terms and conditions outlined in these warranty terms and is a completely special additional service we offer. 


The warranty covers material and manufacturing defects on all By KlipKlap products* ensuring any damage is repaired, or the product is replaced within the warranty period.

*Does not apply to By KlipKlap Petite Collection

The warranty is valid for 5 years from the date of purchase. To claim the warranty a receipt must be presented. Inquiries regarding product defects must be reported to us within a reasonable time after the defect is discovered to be covered by the warranty.

Normal wear and tear, cutting marks, scratches, or other damages caused by incorrect use, accidents, impact, externally applied damages, and discoloration due to incorrect use or handling.

Damages and discoloration due to lack of or incorrect care/maintenance.

Products that have been stored, installed, or used incorrectly, abused, altered, as well as products exposed to high temperature variations, placed in direct sunlight or in an unsuitable environment such as outdoors or a bathroom.

We do not offer warranty on a replacement product. Meaning in case of replacement product, the 5-year guarantee is terminated. The replacement product is covered by the current consumer rights legislation.

It is important to mention that foam settles (becomes softer - approx. 10-15%,) with use. This is considered normal wear and tear, therefore not eligible for complaint.

*Does not apply to By KlipKlap Petite Collection.