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Are you looking for an extra mattress or perhaps an extra sofa? Or perhaps a tumbling mattress and guest bed? How about a multifunctional piece of furniture which can be used for reading a good book or as an indoor slide and at the same time does not take a lot of space?

KK 3 fold

KK 3 Fold is the mattress that started our whole adventure. It is a perfect fit for you who wants an extra mattress to have quality play time with your kids. Flip it and you have a cozy sofa where you can read or perhaps watch TV together.

The mattress combines three big foldable layers where each layer is 50 x 180 cm. The full area is 150 x 180 cm when completely unfolded.

Extra tall? The KK 3 Fold comes in a XL version as well 50 x 200/150 x 200 cm. 

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KK 3 Fold Sofa

KK 3 Fold Sofa was our first furniture in the collection who can stand alone since it does not need a wall to lean on. However it can quickly be turned into a play area or extra bed. KK 3 Sofa is smaller in breadth but longer than KK 3 Fold.
The two built-in backrests gives you extra comfort, support and opens up for more ways to play.

KK 3 Fold Sofa contains two larger and two smaller layers. It is 70 x 120 cm and the full area is 120 x 210 cm.

Are you in need of extra seating space? KK 3 Fold Sofa comes in a XL version which is 20 cm extra wide and the top layer is made out of OEKO TEX memory foam - good for you and the environment. When completely unfolded it measures 140 x 210 cm. 

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KK 4 Fold

KK 4 Fold is a folding mattress that fits in almost every home because of its size. It is a good choice for you who wants more furniture all in one. It can be used as a chair, tunnel or even a tall footstool.

The mattress is made out of four foldable squares which each are 50 x 50 cm as a footstool and completely unfolded it measures 100 x 100 cm. 

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